Thursday, April 16, 2015


So I'm not going to actually post this for quite a while, or maybe even at all, but on Monday, January 12, I saw two pink lines.


I had taken at least two tests on some smaller testing strips I got off Amazon, but those were negative. So I was convinced I was still just late and my period would come in another week or so.

After work on Monday I went to get a few groceries and decided to pick up some other pregnancy tests. I got home, unloaded the groceries, fed the cats, and took the test ~7 p.m. thinking that even if I was pregnant, it would still be negative since it was so late in the day.

Nope. There it appeared. The second pink line.

Again... WHAT.

After a lot of "WHAT? REALLY?!" happy tears and praising God, I got back to business to fix dinner since Mark and his brother, Scott, would be over soon to watch the National Championship game.

I wanted to tell Mark right away, but I thought if Scott was over it would be impossible for him not to say anything. (I want to tell my sister and parents first!)

The game didn't finish until after 11 p.m. OH THE AGONY.

Finally, Scott left and Mark started getting ready for bed. I told him I wanted him to look at some photos I had edited on my phone (he asked if he could lie down first, I said yes). He started flipping through the pics of me saying I hadn't been drinking that night (gotcha!) and a picture of the positive test.

He got out of bed, "REALLY??" Yes, really!! Then he did this wide armed gesture over his head (like a huge Y) and hugged and kissed me. Then more "really?!s" and questions about how long I'd known, etc.

We both had a hard time going to sleep, and my heart was just racing. This whole thing is incredibly surreal.

But there it is folks, I'm 5 4 weeks pregnant.

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