Wednesday, April 29, 2015

18 Weeks ... It's A ...


Dang we're gonna have a cute baby!! 

Notes from this week: Doc says my placenta is anterior (so I probably won't feel strong kicks for a few more weeks) and low-lying. I'll have another sono next month to see if it moves up (which they typically do), but if it doesn't move enough by later in the pregnancy it's a guaranteed C-section. (Google placenta previa if you'd like.)

Cravings: WINGS. But like most of my cravings, only lasted one day and was satisfied at dinner one night. :) 

Responses from the Facebook/Instagram poll of what people thought we were having:

BOY: 25
GIRL: 12
Other diplomatic answers/jokes about twins/people who were probably scared they'd get it wrong... ;) 7

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

17 Weeks

Well, the most notable event from this week was going to Disneyland with my mom and sister! Ashley was going for a work trip and my mom and I crashed her hotel room at the Grand Californian. We had a blast! Although it wasn't quite the same not being able to ride Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, etc., but better safe than sorry! (I did keep asking myself how much these rides could be worse than flying and/or running, but oh well.)

It's probably a good thing we didn't find out what we were having until after my trip, so I limited my baby P purchases to just one blue and one pink 2015 onesie!

I'm also pretty sure I felt baby P moving around quite a bit while I was in the car with my mom, but it's still hard to say for sure!

Monday, April 27, 2015

13, 14, 15, 16 Weeks

I have nothing interesting to say. Growing a tiny human. That's all! This little babe has been so good to me. I feel absolutely fantastic! I'm guessing it's a good combination of genetics, working out, and eating right (most of the time). A lot of people keep asking how I feel and the answer is always great! Seriously. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Which I'm guessing will happen in the middle of the Texas heat when I'm HUGE. haha)

Can't wait to find out the nugget's gender on April 21!!

12 Weeks

Nothing notable this week! Still feeling good, just tired! Trying to sleep in and nap whenever I can. Mark has been very accepting of my staying in bed til 11... or 11:30... on Saturday mornings. (Thanks babe!) And anytime I go to take a nap I'm out cold for at least an hour and a half.

Also, grocery stores are dangerous, but strangely the freezer section even more so. (Why, Amy??) I want all the frozen foods. Probably because a lot are terrible for you but easy to prepare. And delicious.

You in there, baby??

11 Weeks

We told the [Facebook] world!!
The photo is a reenactment of our reactions to our news! I think some people are a little confused by mine, as you can't hear the inflection... but I'm saying "Really?!" as in... "This is really happening?? Am I really this lucky??" (Because I had no idea if it would take us a long time to get pregnant or if I could even get pregnant at all. It's a thanksgiving and not a "why is this happening" reaction.)

I talked about Mark's reaction here. This is the wide-armed gesture he made. haha.

So there you have it!

10 Weeks

Ice, ice, BABY.

It iced on Monday so work was cancelled, but opened late on Tuesday. My appointment was supposed to be Tuesday morning at 9, but due to the closings will not be until Thursday. Boo!! I'm so ready to see our little nugget!!

Mark's 30th birthday is this week!

So after my appointment I had to go back through and change all my weekly titles, because baby P is measuring closer to 10 weeks, instead of 11.5! My due date was officially changed to Sept. 22. Oh baby!!

Seeing our little nugget was unreal. I didn't know there would be a huge TV screen to see it on, so that was fun. And I kinda feel bad for the sono tech... I kept laughing while looking at this little THING... this tiny human... which has taken up residence inside my belly!! So that made it a little hard for her to do her job, I'm sure. It was crazy! And then she isolated the screen to show/listen to the heartbeat. And I cried. Haha! I had no idea that was going to tug at my heartstrings so much. It was the sweetest sound. Knowing that this tiny little life is chugging along.

Oh happy day!

9 Weeks

Nothing really new or exciting this week! Nausea is getting better. Found out another of our good friends is pregnant!! :) Had our housewarming party (finally!) and got to tell a few more people then. Still anxiously awaiting our next appointment!

8 Weeks

Well. It's happening. I'm starting to get squishy around the middle. It's weird because I don't think I'm eating any extra... maybe it's just from the hormones and taking it easy on the exercise. I mean, I've only gained like 2 pounds, but I'm trying not to eat extra calories until the 2nd trimester, and any weight gain on a small frame is quite noticeable to me. Then again it could also be the pizza. There was one day last week when I went to the grocery store (dangerous) and nothing sounded good. Except cheesy garlic bread and stuffed-crust pizza. So guess what I had for dinner that night? Ha.

I think exercise is key to keeping the nausea at bay for me. My worst days were last week when I stayed home sick with a cold and didn't move from the couch much.

New this week? Crippling fatigue. I feel like I'm half asleep at work and like I could fall asleep any second. I got home from work last night and couldn't focus on anything until after I had a short nap, and then went to bed later around 10 and slept til 7, easy. I also shot a wedding the day before, which I don't think helped at all. Oops.

Two weeks until my next appointment!! Woo hoo!

7 Weeks

Okay so I'm starting to feel the nausea/"morning" sickness. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking I was going to puke. And naturally kept thinking about all the food that makes me want to vomit.

If I wait too long between snacks, I start feeling reaaallly queasy. Also, hardly anything sounds good to eat. I can't stand the thought of broccoli, or most veggies, really. Just give me all the carbs!

The doctor's appointment last week was pretty anti-climactic. They drew blood and asked a lot of questions but that's it! They did call the next day to confirm the pregnancy and that my hormones are right on track, but we won't have a sono until the 24th. (So far away!!) At least by then it will look more like a baby than a gummy bear. :)

We told Mark's parents on Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday!) with a photo album of our wedding (belated Christmas gift) that had a page in the very back that said, "Polley Party of Three, September 2015." They were so excited! Actually, Mike was a bit preoccupied with the pulled pork, but he showed a little more enthusiasm later on. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

6 Weeks

I finally get to go to the doctor on Wednesday!! Hoping that will make this feel more real. I spilled the beans to my boss last week because my pregnancy brain was affecting my work. (Can't remember a THING unless I write it down.) I also told this girl I see in the gym all the time because she was asking about my running/training. It feels so good to share with people!

We went over to our friends' house (one of Mark's best men) on Friday. We talked in the way over about trying to keep it a secret but not wanting to lie either. I played a game of Candyland with Kate and her daughter, Brooke, and when the "What's new?" question came up I lied. (Kind of... Just didn't tell the whole truth.) But then afterward I went down and Mark said, "I told him." hahaha. So when Kate came back downstairs I told her I lied when I said nothing was new. :)

So next Sunday we're going to tell Mark's parents, although I'm pretty sure his mom can practically smell it on me. We were both at a baby shower yesterday and I didn't have anything to drink. Curse my alcoholic tendencies! I didn't even get to use the "sober January" lie. She then brought it up first thing the next morning with Kate (they work together). I'm going to post photos of me "drinking" on instagram this week to throw her off. ;) Is that mean?? I just want her to be able to be surprised!

My friend Catherine asked how she could pray for me this morning and I gave some pretty generic answers, and then said, "Okay I can't take it anymore, pray for our little nugget!" haha. She said she cried while saying the pledge.

I still have almost zero symptoms.

Edit: If I wait too long between snacks, I do get that I-might-puke feeling. Also can't stand the idea of any sort of seafood. Gross.

5 Weeks

We told my parents yesterday, which marked 6 weeks exactly!

What a fun, unforgettable moment! When we walked into my parents house, we said hello and hugged them, and I was immediately offered a glass of wine. "Not yet, thank you." :) Then we were chit-chatting and wanting to find the time to give them their gift, but I waited a little since they had food on the stove.

When my dad went to look to open another bottle of wine, I said, "You should open the one from us!" (I had a wine bottle bag with a bottle of wine and two onesies in it.) My mom pulled out the wine... and then the onesie... and then the surprise set in.

One of the onesies I made.

My dad's reaction was priceless. He squinted his eyes and just shuffled over to me, tears in his eyes. If you watch the video, you can see it all, including while he's hugging me and says, "Oh shit!" haha.

It is so hard keeping all of this inside for the moment, I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

I still don't have many symptoms, just trouble sleeping, forgetting things easily, some bloating and sore boobs. No aversions, no cravings, nada. Counting down the days until my first appointment on the 28th!

4 Weeks

Right now I don't feel pregnant. Like, at all. I feel slightly bloated, crampy at night, and just anxious. Also my boobs are a little sore. But that's it. I'm almost wishing nausea on myself just to feel pregnant. Or a food aversion/craving.

I'm hoping when I go to the doctor on the 28th it will really set in!


So I'm not going to actually post this for quite a while, or maybe even at all, but on Monday, January 12, I saw two pink lines.


I had taken at least two tests on some smaller testing strips I got off Amazon, but those were negative. So I was convinced I was still just late and my period would come in another week or so.

After work on Monday I went to get a few groceries and decided to pick up some other pregnancy tests. I got home, unloaded the groceries, fed the cats, and took the test ~7 p.m. thinking that even if I was pregnant, it would still be negative since it was so late in the day.

Nope. There it appeared. The second pink line.

Again... WHAT.

After a lot of "WHAT? REALLY?!" happy tears and praising God, I got back to business to fix dinner since Mark and his brother, Scott, would be over soon to watch the National Championship game.

I wanted to tell Mark right away, but I thought if Scott was over it would be impossible for him not to say anything. (I want to tell my sister and parents first!)

The game didn't finish until after 11 p.m. OH THE AGONY.

Finally, Scott left and Mark started getting ready for bed. I told him I wanted him to look at some photos I had edited on my phone (he asked if he could lie down first, I said yes). He started flipping through the pics of me saying I hadn't been drinking that night (gotcha!) and a picture of the positive test.

He got out of bed, "REALLY??" Yes, really!! Then he did this wide armed gesture over his head (like a huge Y) and hugged and kissed me. Then more "really?!s" and questions about how long I'd known, etc.

We both had a hard time going to sleep, and my heart was just racing. This whole thing is incredibly surreal.

But there it is folks, I'm 5 4 weeks pregnant.