Monday, April 27, 2015

10 Weeks

Ice, ice, BABY.

It iced on Monday so work was cancelled, but opened late on Tuesday. My appointment was supposed to be Tuesday morning at 9, but due to the closings will not be until Thursday. Boo!! I'm so ready to see our little nugget!!

Mark's 30th birthday is this week!

So after my appointment I had to go back through and change all my weekly titles, because baby P is measuring closer to 10 weeks, instead of 11.5! My due date was officially changed to Sept. 22. Oh baby!!

Seeing our little nugget was unreal. I didn't know there would be a huge TV screen to see it on, so that was fun. And I kinda feel bad for the sono tech... I kept laughing while looking at this little THING... this tiny human... which has taken up residence inside my belly!! So that made it a little hard for her to do her job, I'm sure. It was crazy! And then she isolated the screen to show/listen to the heartbeat. And I cried. Haha! I had no idea that was going to tug at my heartstrings so much. It was the sweetest sound. Knowing that this tiny little life is chugging along.

Oh happy day!

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