Thursday, April 16, 2015

6 Weeks

I finally get to go to the doctor on Wednesday!! Hoping that will make this feel more real. I spilled the beans to my boss last week because my pregnancy brain was affecting my work. (Can't remember a THING unless I write it down.) I also told this girl I see in the gym all the time because she was asking about my running/training. It feels so good to share with people!

We went over to our friends' house (one of Mark's best men) on Friday. We talked in the way over about trying to keep it a secret but not wanting to lie either. I played a game of Candyland with Kate and her daughter, Brooke, and when the "What's new?" question came up I lied. (Kind of... Just didn't tell the whole truth.) But then afterward I went down and Mark said, "I told him." hahaha. So when Kate came back downstairs I told her I lied when I said nothing was new. :)

So next Sunday we're going to tell Mark's parents, although I'm pretty sure his mom can practically smell it on me. We were both at a baby shower yesterday and I didn't have anything to drink. Curse my alcoholic tendencies! I didn't even get to use the "sober January" lie. She then brought it up first thing the next morning with Kate (they work together). I'm going to post photos of me "drinking" on instagram this week to throw her off. ;) Is that mean?? I just want her to be able to be surprised!

My friend Catherine asked how she could pray for me this morning and I gave some pretty generic answers, and then said, "Okay I can't take it anymore, pray for our little nugget!" haha. She said she cried while saying the pledge.

I still have almost zero symptoms.

Edit: If I wait too long between snacks, I do get that I-might-puke feeling. Also can't stand the idea of any sort of seafood. Gross.

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