Saturday, May 23, 2015

22 Weeks


We got to see [nameless] nugget again this week! Our big boy weighs 1 pound, 4 oz. and was measuring at 22w5d. Good news: my placenta moved up!! *praise hands* And they were able to get the picture they needed of his heart. Our sonographer actually did a little dance when she finally got him to cooperate. (Stubborn like his parents, much??)

He still looked so cozy in there. Feet propped up... yawning... and waving at one point! (Dawwwwww)

I think we might be tackling the registry this weekend. EEK. I am NOT type A at all, but am thankful for friends of ours who are, and who have created very detailed spreadsheets/lists detailing what we need, might want, and how many of things to get. (Shoutout to Skip and Megan!)

Things I kind of want to register for, but most likely will not:
-Stuffed grumpy cat.
-A new car (I can dream, right??)

21 Weeks


Sweet, sweet movement! Finally! I started feeling baby boy move around a lot more this week. Rolling, punching/kicking and hiccuping! :) As I'm typing this, I've just eaten a couple of clementines... I think he likes them!  (pow pow!)

Running is still going really well and I love that I've been able to run this whole time, so far! I did buy larger/looser-fitting running clothes from Walmart and TJ Maxx, and I think I need new, cushier running shoes.

20 Weeks

Halfway there!

I caved and bought three pairs of maternity pants at Motherhood Maternity. What. A. Relief. I think giving up on normal clothes helped me start to really "pop" this week!

19 Weeks

This week in pregnancy: Amy vs. Pants Clothes

Things are getting a little tight around here. I've been putting off buying maternity pants/clothes in order to try to save money, and also because of the knowledge that I'm just going to keep getting bigger!

Rubber band trick: Still working okay... but the gap between the button and the hole is getting bigger. ha.
Belly bands: I was able to get two free "Belly Button Bands" (site here), by only paying shipping and handling. I also bought a regular band at Target.  These are both great, but are meant to be pulled up on your belly, and mine just isn't that big yet. So I fold them over, which covers up the fact that my pants are unbuttoned/in various states of unzipped, but can look kind of bulky. I feel like Alice In-Between, The Pregnancy Months.
Maternity pants: Fine. I finally caved and bought a pair at Ross just yesterday. Trying them on in the dressing room was like opening the gates of heaven. They were comfortable, business casual, and cheap.

Stretchy dresses have still been great, but the elastic waist is now hitting at a weird spot and getting uncomfortable.

This phase has been fun, frustrating, and somewhat panic-inducing, all rolled into one. I love knowing that baby P is growing and my body is doing what it's supposed to, but the in-between phases are getting a little annoying, plus they make getting ready in the morning that much more difficult when something that fit me last week suddenly doesn't anymore.

Honest hour: As someone whose weight usually only fluctuates up and down within a few pounds, and like a lot of girls occasionally battles disordered thoughts, seeing the scale climb has almost been triggering. I'm trying to find the right balance between eating healthy, exercising, and doing the best I can to keep the total weight gain between 25-35 pounds, while trying not to worry about it too much, remembering that everyone gains differently, and that hormones play a big part in the process. I think it would help if I felt him moving around more! Then it would feel more like I'm pregnant and less like I'm just getting fat. :)