Saturday, May 23, 2015

22 Weeks


We got to see [nameless] nugget again this week! Our big boy weighs 1 pound, 4 oz. and was measuring at 22w5d. Good news: my placenta moved up!! *praise hands* And they were able to get the picture they needed of his heart. Our sonographer actually did a little dance when she finally got him to cooperate. (Stubborn like his parents, much??)

He still looked so cozy in there. Feet propped up... yawning... and waving at one point! (Dawwwwww)

I think we might be tackling the registry this weekend. EEK. I am NOT type A at all, but am thankful for friends of ours who are, and who have created very detailed spreadsheets/lists detailing what we need, might want, and how many of things to get. (Shoutout to Skip and Megan!)

Things I kind of want to register for, but most likely will not:
-Stuffed grumpy cat.
-A new car (I can dream, right??)