Monday, April 27, 2015

8 Weeks

Well. It's happening. I'm starting to get squishy around the middle. It's weird because I don't think I'm eating any extra... maybe it's just from the hormones and taking it easy on the exercise. I mean, I've only gained like 2 pounds, but I'm trying not to eat extra calories until the 2nd trimester, and any weight gain on a small frame is quite noticeable to me. Then again it could also be the pizza. There was one day last week when I went to the grocery store (dangerous) and nothing sounded good. Except cheesy garlic bread and stuffed-crust pizza. So guess what I had for dinner that night? Ha.

I think exercise is key to keeping the nausea at bay for me. My worst days were last week when I stayed home sick with a cold and didn't move from the couch much.

New this week? Crippling fatigue. I feel like I'm half asleep at work and like I could fall asleep any second. I got home from work last night and couldn't focus on anything until after I had a short nap, and then went to bed later around 10 and slept til 7, easy. I also shot a wedding the day before, which I don't think helped at all. Oops.

Two weeks until my next appointment!! Woo hoo!

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