Wednesday, April 29, 2015

18 Weeks ... It's A ...


Dang we're gonna have a cute baby!! 

Notes from this week: Doc says my placenta is anterior (so I probably won't feel strong kicks for a few more weeks) and low-lying. I'll have another sono next month to see if it moves up (which they typically do), but if it doesn't move enough by later in the pregnancy it's a guaranteed C-section. (Google placenta previa if you'd like.)

Cravings: WINGS. But like most of my cravings, only lasted one day and was satisfied at dinner one night. :) 

Responses from the Facebook/Instagram poll of what people thought we were having:

BOY: 25
GIRL: 12
Other diplomatic answers/jokes about twins/people who were probably scared they'd get it wrong... ;) 7

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