Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 9-miler

Y'all.  I know this will come as a surprise to you but I procrastinated my long run again.

*slaps forehead*

My intentions were to run my 9 miles somewhere other than my neighborhood for a change of scenery. But I procrastinated so I just ran around the Euless/Bedford streets. Although I forgot to figure out where to turn so if you see the map below there's a little peak on the top left corner where I stopped to check the map and turned around.  Oops.

To be completely honest I was a little nervous.  I doubted my ability and frankly gave myself the option of just giving up.  Training can be a pain in the glutes.  (Get it??) It's chilly outside, it's getting late, I'm tired, I don't want to run.  But I went on anyway.  Felt kind of like this:

Felix Baumgartner, I salute you.

PS. Have you watched this?? Can you imagine that moment?? Actually those moments.
-Getting into the capsule oh crap... this is happening... 
-Climbing and climbing higher above the earth heh, no going back now!! 
-Opening the door to the capsule holy crap I'm high, maybe I can go back into the capsule?
-Standing on the edge of the capsule this might have been a bad idea
-And then actually free falling from the stratosphere all right God, hope you're watching out for me!

"Sometimes we have to get up really high to see how small we are." -Felix, standing at the edge of the capsule.

Okay.  So I'm no Felix Baumgartner.  9 miles isn't all that bad.  And I got 'er done.

If you're unfamiliar with an area, you could map or drive it out first!  Accidentally added an extra .7 miles.  Again... oops!

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