Friday, November 9, 2012

Marathon Training: November 7

Leg day... Ouch.

But it hurts so good!!

I love to hate lunges/squats/leg extensions, especially the next day when I'm trying to do normal functioning activities (like bend down to pick up something I dropped) and feel like I could break in half.

I came across this article that a friend of a friend, Sarah, pinned about running a faster 5K.

Remember how I said I wanted to be sure to do strength training to prepare my muscles for all this running?  Here's what the article says:

Incorporate strength training moves that target your shins, calves, quads, glutes, and core: Running alone won't increase your speed. You need to strengthen the muscles that make you move so your actions will be more powerful and more efficient.

Boom!!  It also says to run intervals (check!) and do hill work (which I'll do closer to race time).  

I'd really love to inspire people to give running a try.  But!  I have that planned for the article I'll write on being a "runner." 

Next post:  The accidental 5.55 miles. 

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