Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have a problem.

I'll admit.  I'm a little addicted to blogging and reading my favorite blogs. It's a big part of the reason I picked this back up... I want to be like the bloggers I follow!  Saw this picture and it inspired this post:

Yup.  Guilty.

Favorite blogs (in no particular order):
A Beautiful Mess - Love her style, DIYs, photography, drawing, etc.  I'd be okay being her.
Indie Jane Photography - Has inspired me for a few years now.  Looove her photography and personality.
Kara Paslay Designs - This chick used to work for Anthropologie desiging their displays and now she's working with her husband to renovate a warehouse into a living space.  Incredibly cool chick with awesome DIYs.
Twenty One Fifty Nine - Old friend from school who bought a house and is renovating it.  Lots of cute projects/ideas and it's nice reading a blog from someone my own age doing awesome things!
Bower Power - First off, we have the same sense of humor.  (Sold!)  She's also an incredible DIY-er, and to top it off she has the cutest little boy, Will.  She recently had baby #2, Weston, and I might or might not (I totally did) have obsessively checked her blog and Instagram for updates to see if she'd had him yet.

Blogs I love and subscribe to but might not obsessively check (...yet):
Home Sanctuary - Rachel is the mom of a friend of mine from school and most days she posts a "small thing" to try to do to bet your life.  She's an incredible Christian example of a woman and a mom and she's a very talented artist as well.
Make Them Wonder - Meet Dana.  Another fantastic Christian woman who asks for any prayer requests at the end of her posts.  (Love that! I sent her one at one point and was really happy when she replied to me almost immediately afterward, and then followed up with me like a month later.  Hello.)  She is also a great designer and DIYer.  (Starting to see a trend?)
Young House Love - This is a DIY/home renovation blog by a couple, John and Sherry.  Sherry is friends with Katie Bower of Bower Power.  (I love when my blog worlds unite!)  They've been blogging for about 5 years and the part of me that's partially OCD wants to go through and read every page until I'm caught up.  They just came out with their first book and you better believe it's on my Christmas wish list.

Welp.  There you have it.  My obsessions.

Judge me.

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