Friday, November 2, 2012

No Excuses November

All right y'all.  It's November.  In Texas it sure doesn't feel like it at the moment!  For a little added motivation/self-encouragement I'm following my own "No Excuses November" plan.  I don't have any specific goals yet, so I might just take it one day at a time.

For the first day, my goal was to get out of my chair and go change for my run by 12. (Instead of sitting around debating/pondering/procrastinating until 12:30 or 1.)  And I did it!! :)

*Pats self on back.*

I'm also piling on two more challenges for myself.  I work will under pressure, people.  [This past Lenten season I gave up alcohol, sweets, fast food, and biting my nails.  Completed successfully!]

So here are my other two challenges.

1- November Photo a Day on Instagram (via @fatmumslim)

2- Naming something I'm thankful for each day.
Thankful for trees and calming scenery.

My run this day was 3 miles in 29:33.
You can follow me on Instagram @amyefrost

What will you stop making excuses for this month?

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