Friday, November 30, 2012

Running Essentials: BodyGlide

Well.  I had a little unpleasant experience with my 7 mile run on Sunday.

This will be a series called "Running Essentials." I've got quite a list for you.  :)  

I haven't always been a runner, and even now I don't completely consider myself one.  Kind of because of mistakes like I made Sunday!

I learned while I was doing Team in Training that BodyGlide will be your best friend.  This is an odd comment but it's true... until I started running long distances, I had heard of chafing but never experienced it.

Whew that felt good to let out!

BodyGlide  is just a stick (shaped like deodorant) that you rub on to keep body parts from chafing.  I started making a diagram of all the places you can roll this on, but it looks a little inappropriate. haha.  Just put it on anywhere that skin might run on other skin.  (Between your legs, on your thighs, under your arms, etc.)

They have different kinds, even a kind "made for women" but as far as I know the original is just as good as the rest, and you really only need one stick and it will last you forever!

So BodyGlide is fantastic but you have to know where to put it!  What I unfortunately found out the hard way on Sunday was that the shorts I was wearing don't like my skin, even though I didn't feel anything during the run.  I got into the shower, turned around, and it felt like needles on my back.  Got out of the shower and found this:


You can also use BodyGlide or other anti-chafe products on your feet where you tend to get blisters, or back of your ankles so this doesn't happen:

Rain + sock slippage + rubbing = bloody ankles.  Yummy.  :)

Lesson learned!

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