Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marathon Training: November 6

Three miles, 28:13. Nothing exciting to report.


This weekend, it gets a little more real.

My long run will be 9 miles, or one lap around White Rock Lake.  Yowzas.

Side note, does anybody care to see my mile splits?  I haven't been posting them but I'm thinking of doing so for long runs. 

I will also be doing a little bit of walking this weekend.

Rebecca Morrison, my chipmunk, lost her sweet husband last March to suicide.  Through the suffering and the grief, she has been an incredible role model for Christians and women everywhere.  She has spoken in front of massive crowds of people, and has been featured in publications such as TIME (you heard of it?) to tell her story and to help raise awareness about military suicides.  She also ran the Army 10-miler with TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), has written articles for the TIME Battleland blog, done countless interviews, and is now working toward becoming a full-time member of the TAPS team.

This isn't even a hint of what all she has done.  It is overwhelming and she is truly changing the lives of others.  She has even helped get the attention of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.  Kind of a big deal.

So the whole point in me telling you this is to ask for your help in this cause.  If you can, please donate on my donation page here.  This is the absolute least I can do to help support her cause.

I'm awful at asking people for donations, especially in a small amount of time (part of the reason I'm not doing Team in Training anymore), but this is for Rebecca.  And Ian.  You can also see her donation page here.

For Ian!

Me with Ian on their wedding day. :)
Oh... Just being us. :)

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