Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marathon Training: October 17

So one of my goals for this training season is to continue doing some strength training while still getting my mileage in. So yesterday I did about 25 minutes of a Jamie Eason workout (arms/abs/cardio) and then ran 3 miles… during my lunch break. That was too much for a lunch break. My dilemma is that my lunch break is the ideal time for me to work out because I don’t like forcing myself to wake up early (and 99% of the time I go to bed later than I wanted and/or sleep until my regular wakeup time anyway), and when I get home I want to do other things like hanging out with the boy, chores, editing pictures, etc. And it was like 85 degrees with no clouds and almost no shade. But… 3 miles: 31:01, complete.

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