Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marathon Training: October 24

Instead of running today I did a little bit of weights with my frenemy Jamie Eason.  I was doing Nike Training Club workouts for about 6 months that totaled to 1,912 minutes of training.  (I loved getting the badges/rewards once I'd hit another goal!) But I wanted to change it up and start working different muscles.  I had done a lot of the workouts so many times and I just needed a new routine to challenge my muscles.
I'm working with limited (free) equipment and time so couldn't do the leg presses or seated calf raises.
Needless to say, it still hurt the next day. haha.  Good training tip:  you're going to be using your legs for running (obviously) so you should take care of the muscles that you'll be working (and the ones you won't) in the meantime.

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