Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marathon Training: First Long Run

I really want to run another marathon, I do, I promise.  But not having Team in Training to motivate me to get out of bed to do my long runs?  Not cool.
After a solid half hour+ I rolled out of bed and got dressed and ran my dang 6 miles. 1:03. (I also decided at the last minute to just make it a 10K so technically I ran 6.24 in 1:07)
I also hadn't exactly planned out what my path was going to be and figured I would just run past my usual 1.5 mile turnaround and keep going til I hit 3 miles and then turn around, but I accidentally made the block back to my starting position.
(I guess I should add that I moved into a new apartment a few months ago so I'm not as familiar with the area.)
So I had run 3 miles and was almost back to the starting point.  Instead of trying to think of something new I just decided to keep going to my 1.5 marker and then back again to finish the other 3 miles.
This reminds me of when I would run in my parents' neighborhood/city and was trying to get long runs in.  Once I was trying to run 12 and it looked like this:
Crazy Path
Basically I was running around and through neighborhoods just to tack on miles.  So another thing to add to the goal list... plan!!

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