Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marathon Training: October 16

So it's almost been a year since my first marathon, so what better to do than start training for number 2??  The plan as of right now is to start training for the Austin marathon, but I'm giving myself until November 27th (when the price goes up) to really decide if I want to follow through.
When I ran my first marathon I had already been training with Team in Training for about 4 months and had run a half marathon by the end of it, so it was natural to just keep going and tack on more miles to train for a full.
This time I'm starting from scratch.  I haven't really been running much over the past year, but I've had the itch to start training again.
Already with Day 1 I've had that inner dialogue... "Do I really want to do this?  I don't feel like running right now, maybe I'll run tonight.  I could just start tomorrow if I want to.  When am I going to get my long run in?  I'm going out of town this weekend so maybe when I get back?"
But I ran three miles yesterday anyway.  Time: 28:39
Day 1 of 26 for my 26th complete.

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