Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marathon Training: October 30

I'll just go ahead and say this, come back tomorrow for a special Halloween post/DIY/PSA. :)  I'm excited to show it to you!

Okay so today I did a lunchtime 3 miler.  Nothing too exciting, although I thought that my second mile was going to be faster than my first.  Nope.  Oh well!
28:06.  BOOM.

I'll post more about pacing later and why I'm not too worried about it now.

So here's a little information about my lunchtime workouts.  First of all, I am fortunate enough that there is a shower in the girls' bathroom pretty close to where my desk is.  (Otherwise I might battle between morning/late afternoon workouts which tends to be a lose/lose situation for me.)  So once I finally leave my desk, I go change in the bathroom and leave my gym bag/towel in the shower area.  There's also a gym that I've seen one other person in maybe 3 times since I started using it this year.  We're also located right next to Bachman Lake so I have some nice scenery during my run.  (Or interesting people watching...)

When I get back from my run or workout I shower with my hair still in a ponytail and use a body wash that I leave at work.  Once I get dressed again, I come out and usually look like this:


Then I just take my hair out of the ponytail, brush it, and re-blowdry.
(Happy blow dryyyy)

And then boom, done.
(Red face and all.  I stay flushed for a long time but at least my hair looks good?)

And since I'm doing just 3 miles during the week right now, I get this all done in less than an hour!

There you have it! Things you never knew you wanted to learn! :) Come back tomorrow!!!

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