Thursday, August 27, 2015

28-31 Weeks


Haha, oops. These weeks are just slipping away! I can't believe it. HOLY COW 9 WEEKS (+/-) TO GO.

Let's see, some highlights from this week/past few weeks:

  • Big one... I switched to a birthing center.
  • Frosty Family in Florida! Spent the week on St. George Island, FL. Perfect.
  • Belly button on the verge of popping, looks like a small volcano.
  • Fit moms group on FB - great for workout and general encouragement. 
  • Nursery coming together!
  • Passed glucose test!
  • "Ouch ouch you're in my ribs." Baby boy like to stick his little tush into my ribs. :) It kind of burns, so I'll lean over to one side and gently try to nudge him out of his spot. 

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