Thursday, August 27, 2015

27 Weeks

Well these weeks are getting a little more exciting! Baby boy is REALLY moving around now, except when I want other people to feel. :) I kicked off this week with a stomach bug! Haven't had that good of an ab workout since the beginning of my pregnancy. haha. Throwing up with a baby bump is weird and awkward (as if throwing up normally isn't?), but luckily it doesn't harm little babe as long as I don't get dehydrated. This is the first time in my pregnancy that I've thrown up! I thought maybe it was some almost-third trimester morning sickness, but a lot of girls I was at a baby shower with on Saturday had the same bug. I was supposed to have my glucose test yesterday, but didn't want to risk spreading the bug to others at the doctor's office and couldn't imagine drinking the solution on an empty stomach and having my blood drawn. Sounded like a recipe for either passing out or more puking to me.

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