Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Resolutions!

So I've been putting some thought into my 2013 resolutions and I thought I'd give myself a month to really think about it and focus on what I'd like to do/have done/be doing by the end of this year and really it all came down to one idea...

Just relax. 

Seriously.  My marathon is in 13 days, my sister's 30th birthday is in 68 days, my wedding is in 124, and there are so many to-do lists between and following these dates.  So honestly I just need to calm down and let life happen.

Relaxing things to do in 2013:

-Schedule time with no social activities 
-Take more bubble baths
-Read read read
-Read the Bible (already in Deuteronomy!)
-Take more "just because" pictures

But also maaaaybe convince my dad to run a half marathon with me.  :)

[I'm addicted.]

2013, let's be friends.

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