Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 days!

The countdown is on!! 5 days until I lace up and hit the streets of Austin for my second full marathon.

Collection of thoughts...

-What am I going to wear?
-Is the weather going to be crappy like it has for all my long runs?
-I need to make my tutu
-...or something else that shows it's my birthday
-What am I going to eat the night before?
-What am I going to eat on race day?
-Is it sad that I'm already looking forward to my GU Chomps??
-No, not sad at all, those things are delicious.
-I can't wait to start Insurgent!!
-I'm ready to be done running on the treadmill during the week
-I'm ready to be done training
-I'm ready to start doing some other fitness plan
-I'm hungry
-Need carbs

-What mistakes will I make?
-What unnecessary things will I have? (Last time I had a trashbag... that I tried to put on a little too late and just got frustrated with.)
-How are those hills going to feel?

-Will my ankles look like this again?  (Sidenote, I'm sorry if this picture grosses you out the millions of times I reference it, it just makes me feel hardcore.)

-How will I feel at this point?  (Mile 20, where the "wall" typically hits.)

-What other crazy stories will I have?
-...Will I want to run another one?

*Somebody please slap me if I say I want to run another full marathon within the next year. Please.

....No wait, don't.  I might want to.

Looking forward to the adventure!!

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