Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best. Long Run. Ever.

18 miles.

First of all, is anyone getting sick of this yet?? I know I am!! Come on February 17th!!


So long runs are... long.  (Obviously)  I was estimating this one to be around 3 hours.  That's a long time to listen to the same playlist or just music in general.  So this time I decided to download an audio book. 

Best decision ever. 

I was looking through the featured audio books on iTunes and found "The Art of Racing in the Rain," which a friend had raved about and sounded really good, AND it was raining outside... Perfect!  The run-time was around 6 hours so I figured I could divide it up between long runs.

Well, the book ended up being so good that I finished listening to it 2 days later.  SO GOOD.

Seriously, read it!

I averaged a 10:46 pace for my 16 miler, and for this run I averaged 10:21.  I would love for my pace to average out to 10 minutes/mile... and I think it will be more attainable come race day because:

1- I'm teaching myself how to "GU" while I run (instead of walking) and
2- I won't have to wait at any stop lights!!*

Listening to this book made it easier for me to just keep running and not stop to walk as much (minus the 50,000 intersection lights), and it just didn't feel like such a chore!

*Side note: This is exactly why I should quit running in my neighborhood and run around White Rock or the Trinity Trails. 

Back to the book... it's written from the perspective of a dog and it is hilariously entertaining, heartfelt, and exciting.  I cannot recommend this book enough...  Especially if you have a dog!  Of course it has its sad parts, but you know they're coming from the first chapter of the book.  I did tear up while running a few times though, I'm sure that was a sight. ;)

So after my run I rinsed off, changed, and went to try wedding cake.  haha.  What a treat.

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