Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 In Review

College retreat 2012!
Olympic marathon trials to watch Matt! 
Roger Creager!

Visited Flat Creek Vineyard. 
Snuggie pub crawl!
About to get an ultrasound of my neck. Weird.

I'm awkward on camera.
Won my age group!

Valentine's Day trip to Houston!
Painted on my wall! :)

Had to drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas.
25th birthday in Vegas!

Stumbled upon a red carpet!

Worked a water station!
Took a flower arrangement class

Designed the Pilot hiring brochure
Packed up my apartment, yet again, in the 'burb!

Got ready for a first date ;)
Got to see a dear friend get married!

Witnessed the 800 reveal!
Prepared for the Hunger Games movie! 
Hiked in Ruidoso

Moved home again 

Worked the ramp in Vegas
Showed this cutie how to use Instagram

Stalked Met one of my favorite bloggers, Elsie!!!
Met this cutie and formed a great relationship with his momma!

Practiced childlike faith!
Got to stand next to my Little at her wedding! 
Shot a lot of gorgeous weddings!
Met Screech! 

Partied in Vegas some more!
Was a part of this couple's special day!

Experienced the craziest hail storm I've ever seen. 
Got to counsel at Senior High!

Went to NOLA for the first time!

Cafe Du Monde!

Pat Green!

Road trip to Austin!
Met Pudge!

Sister's wedding!!

First plane ride together!

Laureen's bachelorette party!
Hot chicks reunited!
Met a sloth!
Played dress up! :)

Went to San Juan... for 15 minutes!

Took my Aggie to Okie-land!

Visited Pi Beta!
Got "hit by a car" :)

Started training again, and this blog!
Visited Red Velvet!

Visited the center of the universe!
Chinese lantern festival!

Witnessed/shot this proposal!

Frosty Trot!
Mark's first 5K!

Tree lighting in FTW.

Got to go inside Poolie!

Studied Esther!
Realized the greatness of cherry sours.


Found a new talent after all!

Got my wedding dress! (lolz, this isn't it sillies)
Dressed up my cat!

White Christmas!

So I was looking through all the pictures on my phone and it really hit me what all I did this past year.  So. many. good. things.  And the pictures above are just the tip of the iceberg.  I traveled a lot, grew spiritually, fell in love, and just had an amazing year.

(Also if you're wondering about the ultrasound picture, apparently I have a weird-shaped neck that makes doctors think something's wrong with my thyroid.  Welp, turns out just a weird-shaped neck.)

I got to be a maid of honor for three amazing friends, one of which was my sister, and I'm so glad I got to share their special day right next to them!

Such a great year!!  I'm so pumped for 2013 already.  New job, second full marathon (EEK), more bridesmaid fun, marrying the most amazing man I know, moving to Fort Worth (hopefully), and hopefully traveling and plenty of good times!  Bring on the adventures!!

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