Friday, December 28, 2012

Halfway there!

So on December 15th I ran the mileage I was supposed to do on the 8th... 13.1!

I modified my schedule a little bit to accommodate for the missed long run.  It was supposed to be 13 on the 8th, 10 on the 15th, 15 on the 22nd, and 16 on the 29th, but instead I did 0 on the 8th, 13 on the 15th, 10 on the 24th, and I'll do 16 on the 29th or 30th.

Did I confuse you at all?  :)

But anyway, back to the run!

Since I completed my 13 miles on the 9th week of training, technically it was a half marathon halfway through my training.  :)

Who wants to bet on where I ran?  If you guessed around my neighborhood, you'd be right.  Sadly my long runs have mostly been poorly planned.  This one was poorly planned x2 because I overestimated how far I needed to go.  My stopping point was at the end of the trail that would have been 1.7ish miles back to my apartment.

Luckily my fiancé (crazy!!) came to my rescue and picked me up because I really didn't want to run more than I had to.  :)

I wasn't exactly proud of this run.  I kept running out of sidewalk and I overestimated how far to go.  Boo!  And my total time was 2:12:22.  Meh.  That's an average of about 10:05/mile.

My time splits are all over the board too, but I am proud that my fastest mile was mile 5, which usually doesn't happen since I normally run fast at the start and then slower throughout.

Just see for yourself!

Really need to work on that 6-11 section.  Eek.

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